Who are we?This should be one of the most important questions you ask.  We detest puppy mills and hope you help us stop them.  Our dogs are pets first--breeders second. Bill is a retired AF and American Airlines pilot whose third love is his Bobcat.  I am a retired high school English teacher.  Our journey of love for these precious dogs began with Annie and Blue.  Sadly, Annie passed away in 2008 and Blue in 2012, but they are loved and will always be in our hearts.  This page is dedicated to all our fur buddies we've lost but most especially my dearly beloved, Napoleon, who was will always be the love of my life.  That pain eases but never goes away.

Our dogs are not kept in cages, less that 3 x 4, unless they are lactating or breeding.  Our puppies are wormed beginning at one week and subsequently every 2 weeks thereafter until they have received 3 in the series.  All our dogs are family members.  We have been breeding since 1998 and feel we have learned an immense amount about these breeds.  If you are serious about a pet for life, we're the ones to contact.  If you love animals the way we do, we'd love for you to have one of our fur babies.

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Edwards Chihuahua/Papillon Ranch LLC

Bill and Carolyn Edwards

13975 State Hwy. 83

Colorado Springs, CO 80921



We are currently breeding Papillons.  Call for info.

Alert!   We will be moving soon, and we have adult chihuahuas that need forever homes, some never able to breed, one spayed and some retired. Please consider this option. Please help!We love them dearly, but our lifestyle is changing.

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